Credibility of any Scripture

Credibility of any ScriptureLet us look at the internal consistency and the preservation and protection of scripture (peripheral conditions). Since anything which has doubtful, contradictory or has crooked statements cannot be attributed to God almighty, as He is perfect and free of any error whatsoever.
You will also note that we have stressed our examples against the Old/New testaments in particular. This is because these are the two other religions which are traditionally monotheistic and have a concept of God, life’s purpose, death and afterlife. Other religions are found lacking in at least one of these categories or they have a concept of Avatar. Hence because of these points they can easily be broken down due to their incompleteness without even entertaining their scriptures. Avatarism – Although many may have heard this term from a movie perspective it actually stems from a Sanskrit word which means “A manifestation of a deity in bodily form on earth. This is a concept heavily found in ancient Egypt, Hinduism and even in Christianity.This is an extremely illogical view of God. Therefore when any religion has such a concept we simply go back to the understanding of God and argue that becoming human essentially requires the removal of Godly attributes and hence the Avatar is no longer God.

Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) in The Bible

Muhammad peace be upon him in the BibleThe idea that the Bible contains prophecies about the coming of Muhammad (peace be upon him), may surprise many people. It isn't difficult to understand why, since the general perception people have of the Muhammad (pbuh) is that of a man with no connection to Biblical Prophets or prophecies.

However, taking a closer look at Muhammad's (pbuh) life, it becomes clear that he upheld the basic tenets that the Biblical Prophets came with, and led millions to do the same. Indeed it was because of the teachings of Muhammad (pbuh) that billions of Muslims since his time up until today have revered the persons of Jesus, Moses and Abraham (peace be upon them all).

In this article, you will discover how both the Old and New Testament contain numerous verses which describe the coming of a new Prophet. Additionally, verses from the Bible itself will clearly show us that Muhammad (pbuh) is that Prophet.

Where did the King James Bible come From?

writing-bible-scrollAfter the fourth century C.E., the official Church became that of the Trinitarians. It was not long until all opposition to their views and doctrines was pronounced a heresy and all of their proponents would be severely persecuted or killed. Most of what the Church had defined in its definition of the nature of God and Jesus could not be proven through the scriptures. Thus, in order to ensure as complete and thorough a silencing of the opposition as humanly possible, not only did the Church order that all opposing writings be destroyed and their proponents be put to death for blasphemy, but it also saw to it that all scriptures were translated into Latin and then withheld from the masses.

No one would be allowed to obtain a copy of the Bible for personal study and worship. If someone wanted to know something about God or His scripture he was required to go to the Church and respectfully ask them in all humility and submissiveness and the Church through its benevolence would dole out whatever portions of the scripture it wished, piecemeal, when and how it wished.
In most situations, however, a shift was made from referring to the scripture itself to referring to their newly defined and continually refined "creeds." The Church would define such creeds in their official councils and then pronounce to the great unwashed masses that in order to enter into heaven they only needed to memorize and recite these official creeds on a regular basis. Religion became big business with the Church selling to the masses patches of land in Heaven which they could purchase either for themselves or for their deceased relatives. Religion became empty acts of kissing crosses and rings of Popes, and the Church became a real-estate agent for Heaven. Thus, the scripture itself all but disappeared from public use.

Moses foretells of Muhammad's coming. (Peace be upon them)

Moses foretells of Muhammads coming. Peace be upon them"I (God) will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee (moses), and will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him." Deuteronomy 18:18
There are many verses in the Old Testament that predict the coming of Jesus (pbuh). This one, however, is not one of them. This can be clearly seen from the following four points:

a) Like unto moses

Muslims believe in all of the previous prophets. They make no distinction between them, nor do they place one above the others in piety. However, they are all human, and as humans they differ from one another in their characteristics. Let us compare these characteristics:

1) Both Christians and Muslims agree that both Moses and Muhammad (pbut) had fathers and mothers. They both also believe that Jesus (pbuh) had only a mother and no father. Therefore, Muhammad is like Moses, but Jesus is unlike Moses.

The Doctrine of Original Sin

The Doctrine of Original SinThe doctrine of original sin is one of the tenets of Christianity which was established in the 5th century A.D., under the influence of Augustine, by the Roman Catholic church. It must be understood from the beginning that this doctrine, is at best, only a theory!

Christians believe this theory to be a Bible doctrine. They reason that, since theologians and preachers teach this doctrine, then it must be true! This theory is not a Bible doctrine and nowhere in the Bible can there be found verses which give credence to it! Where, in the Bible, is it written that , "All men are guilty and condemnable for the depraved nature with which they are born"?

The fact that mankind has the boldness to propagate this (and other) theories as 'Bible truths', whilst being warned by God not to tamper with His Holy Word, by neither adding to or taking away from it, is surely one of mankind's greatest crimes!

"You must not add anything to my charge (to command, assign responsibility to), nor take anything away from it." (Deuteronomy, chapter 3, verse 4.)
Church history records that from the 2nd and 3rd century A.C. onwards, both the practices and doctrines of Christ were increasingly corrupted by heathen philosophies complete with their pagan superstitions and sense of morality. This influence was extensive. On the one hand there was unrestrained sexual lust, and on the other extremes in asceticism; the veneration and worship of saints, relics, images, and pictures; the development of a priesthood with priestly rituals and ceremonies; magical and spiritual powers ascribed to water, sacred words, and signs; water baptism for the remission of sins; and the baptism of infants. Heathen mythology was introduced and branded 'Christianity'!