Started A New Da'wah Table Today

new.dawah.table.m.uStarted a new dawah table today and we chose to hold it outside the University of Manchester.

It was a very enjoyable and relaxing day conveying the beautiful message of Islam.
Once again we are extremely grateful to Only 1 Purpose, Rochdale Dawah Centre, Green Lane Masjid, Wamyuk, Seeking Reward Foundation, iERA, Discover Islam UK, The Quran Project, IDCI, Islamic Support and Information Foundation (ISIF) and to all the brothers and sisters that have helped us this past year. May Allah (Glorified Be HE) reward you all immensely.

The table will not be limited to just fridays (like today) but may take place on other days of the week if any of the brothers are free. Initially the idea is to alternate between Manchester University, Market Street & Saint Anns Square in the City Centre, but as time goes on we hope to try different locations throughout the North West. The aim is to insha'Allah have many tables running on diffrent days of the week throughout the North West.