Dawah In The Workplace

rightcabThink how you can fit da'wah into your everyday routine.

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What is the purpose of life ?

There are lots of diffrent ways we can engage with the public.

Effective da'wah is done in a gentle and loving manner. I'll never forget a da'wah course I attended, in which the speaker said that the best way to give da'wah is to "plant a seed in a person's heart". The purpose of da'wah is not to convert people as having that as goal will scare people away if nothing else. Instead, by planting a seed, we leave the person wanting more; let them know enough about Islam to interest them and, insha Allah, lead them to want to find out more when they are ready.

"I find people are genuinly intrested in Islam and when they see my beard they tend to ask me why I keep it,which leads onto further questions and good progressive dialogue.I find many of my passengers don't know much about Islam other then what the media protrays and as such they feel enlightened about discovering the beautiful reality of Islam.

One thing they usually do bring up that they are led to believe certain things about Islam by looking at the way certain muslims project themselves especially with their way of dress or their rituals that they find unpleasing but so far all these practices they have mentioned to me have been down to culture not religion and when I clarify this to them they say these muslims really need to learn about Islam. Many take material from me to read such as The Quran and many stay in touch as they look into the beliefs of Islam and have questions that need clarification.I find to be humble and to smile goes a long way to getting someone to listen to you".

The main point is that we give Dawaah by the way we are. If we follow the Qur'an and Sunnah we will represent Islam in the best way possible."I think the best form of da'wah is teaching others through your actions, such as being respectful, polite, always being positive and, most of all, being proud of one's Muslim identity as in the beard etc.Ultimately, it is Allah who is the changer of hearts, so as long as we engage in da'wah through our character and action, we can rest assured that not only are we multiplying our good deeds but also following the steps of the greatest man that ever lived, the Prophet Muhammad ( peace and blessings be upon him).