Getting Adjusted To the Muslim Community

Getting Adjusted To the Muslim CommunityArt of practicing Islam is to participate in the community of faithful in communal worship. Like any faith community, it has certain characteristics, some good and some bad.
First and foremost, before you meet Muslims, you should keep in mind that Islam is perfect, while Muslims are not. They are, after all, humans. You will find some Muslims who will be easy to get along with and will make great friends, while you will also run into others who you might feel are insensitive or offensive. You do not have to be the best of friends with every Muslim you see, even if they be pious. Muslims differ in their education, knowledge and practice of Islam, cultural sensitivity, and social bias. Among them are saints and criminals, homeless and millionaires, doctors and cab drivers, racists and drug addicts. You will learn many things which Islam preaches, but you will see fellow Muslims doing the opposite. All Muslims are not the same. They are imperfect. It's a simple point worth keeping in mind. Choose as friends those Muslims who are pious, actively follow the tenets of the religion, and also are easy to get along with.

How Can New Muslims Cope in the Workplace?

How Can New Muslims Cope in the WorkplaceThe world of work can cause many challenges for Muslims who are trying to live their life according to Islamic principles, but for a new Muslim these challenges can be greater, especially during the time of their transition from their old life to their new life.
For most new Muslims who have grown up in the West, it's usually a given that once they leave school or university they will look for a job to support themselves.
Decisions about what type of work they do will have been based on the principles that they adhered to before Islam.
But once they have accepted Islam as their way of life and said their Shahadah, another set of principles and guidelines come to play; some of which may conflict with the decisions they had previously made.
So how can this be managed?
There is no one single answer, as every situation is different, but below are some thoughts on some of the challenges that may be faced.

Need to Work
In Islam, the responsibility of supporting the family financially falls to the husband or the father, so if a man is able to work, he should do whatever is necessary and lawful to meet his responsibilities.